2015 Compendium of Ideas

As part of its annual Golden Hub of Innovation Awards, the Association of California Cities – Orange County sought to provide more than just hardware for the mantel. Indeed, the approximately 50 ideas and innovations nominated for a Golden Hub Award all deserved to be shared across the County and beyond our borders.That’s why we are proud to introduce the fourth annual Compendium of Innovation – a complete catalog of the most innovative strategies and governance models, strategies and tactics for 2015.

2015 Compendium of Ideas

Cities, local governments, industry and non-profits are invited to use this as a resource, to learn new ideas and determine if they’re worth implementing in your jurisdiction or organization. Each year, this will be added to and improved, making it the go-to source of ideas for local government solutions.

How Best to Navigate the Compendium

It’s a long document – there’s a lot of innovation in Orange County. So let’s take care of a little house cleaning to help you use this document as efficiently as possible:

  • A summary of winners are listed up front with their page number attached
  • Nominations are listed as part of eight different categories, including:
    • Budget & Finance
    • Economic Development
    • Energy & Environmental Quality
    • Public Engagement
    • Public Safety
    • Staffing & Service Delivery Options
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Technology & eGovernment
  • Summaries and “tags” – or relevant issues addressed by the nomination – are listed up top to make viewing each as simple as possible

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