Board of Directors

The ACC-OC is governed by a Board of Directors (13 voting elected officials) elected by mayors of all member cities. The Board is comprised of an executive committee (President, 1st Vice President/Secretary, 2nd Vice President, Legislative Committee Chair and Immediate Past President), representatives from all five Supervisory districts and three large city representatives. Executive committee seats are elected each year, except for the Legislative Committee chair, who is elected to a two year term to coincide with the Legislative session. The supervisory and large city representative seats are elected to serve two-year terms. Elections are held in March. Additionally, non-voting members of the Board may be invited to serve in an advisory capacity.

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Your 2016/2017 Board of Directors

  • Allan Songstad, Jr.
  • Emeritus Council Chair
  • Maureen “Mo” Hayes
  • Vice President
  • HNTB Corp.
  • Marnie Primer
  • OC Council of Governments
  • Jim Vanderpool
  • ACC-OC City Manager
  • Committee Chair
  • Buena Park
  • Heather Stratman
  • ACC-OC Chief Executive Officer

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