Bringing Learning to Work (BL2W)

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Bringing Learning to Work Class Schedule

Topic 1: The Biology of Decision Making (January 25th, 2017)

This practical session prepares attendees for better decision-making in the workplace by illuminating the psychological and neuro-scientific factors (attention, cognitive biases, sleep) that impact decision-making processes.

Topic 2: Motivating Creativity (February 22nd, 2017)

This session opens the black box of the creative process. Participants will engage in a fun, research-based exercise to learn the motivational dynamics that contribute to creative ideas and outcomes.

Topic 3: How to Avoid Communication Break Downs (March 22nd, 2017)

So often we find that our interactions with colleagues, friends, and family “break-down”! This program will expose participants to the communication process while expanding communication skills. Participants will learn to recognize areas of communication breakdowns and how to prevent them. This will be beneficial to anyone that has ever had a communication breakdown. 

Topic 4: Employee Performance (April 26th, 2017)

Organizations succeed to the degree that they get the most out of their employees. This session seeks to help employees understand what being a “great employee” means and helps them to get the most out of their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Topic 5: How to Provide Feedback That Motivates (May 24th, 2017)

Delivering performance feedback in a way that is helpful and motivating is not always easy. This session involves discussions and simulations that will help participants develop skills related to the construction and delivery of performance feedback.

Topic 6: Communicating Across Cultures (June 28th, 2017)

Businesses are now operating in a truly global environment with an increasing number of transnational organizations. This interactive session users a simulation to help participants understand different communication styles across cultures and provides tools to communicate more effectively with employees and clients from diverse cultures.

Topic 7: Leveraging Diversity to Increase Performance (July 26th, 2017)

This session evaluates the business case for diversity, and explores some of the best practices for effectively managing diversity. This session can be tailored to specific types of diversity or diversity management issues with prior coordination.


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