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Not a day goes by where residents don’t benefit from the hard work done by cities. Whether it’s strong public safety, clean streets, a well-manicured local park or even a local wireless connection, city government benefits our day-to-day lives. What people may not know is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of highly talented individuals that make sure this happens in Orange County. This section of the site celebrates these individuals. From time to time, ACC-OC CEO Heather Stratman will sit down with these leaders to talk government, policy and the virtue of public service.

Sober Living Home Reform: Federal, State and Local Actions to Bring About Change

Sober living facility reform is a top priority for the Association of California Cities – Orange County (ACC-OC). We’re working with our state and federal legislators to bring about meaningful changes that empower cities and protect patients in need. Public awareness is a critical component to this strategy. Last night, the ACC-OC, along with our […]

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November 2016 ACC-OC Minute

Tune in for this month’s ACC-OC Minute Video! Heather greets us from Garden Grove to recap 2016 and give listeners a glimpse of what is in store for 2017. In 2016, ACC-OC gained a new CEO along with two new hires. In 2017, ACC-OC is offering a Sacramento Advocacy Trip, Bringing Learning to Work Sessions, and a […]

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July 2016 ACC-OC Minute

In July, Heather greets us from the Disneyland Resort and gives us a rundown on ACC-OC’s upcoming September’s Ballot Breakfast. Also, Heather provides an overview of the work from ACC-OC’s water committee as they engage in robust discussions on the state of desal in Orange County, water rates, as well as infrastructure and water management. […]

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