Policy Committees

The Association of California Cities – Orange County utilizes a policy committee structure to facilitate, collaborate, and educate on regional policy issues that may impact the membership. The policy committees discuss ideas and create work plans that are designed to address a specific challenge or an emerging issue that may have a cumulative impact on Orange County’s municipalities. In most cases, the Committees are developed because of ACC-OC priorities and the organization’s overall agenda. Committees are designed to create an inclusive environment where information sharing and education creates the opportunity for creative partnerships and problem solving. In addition to forming Committees around regional policy issues, ACC-OC also utilizes sub-committees, taskforces, and workgroups that are designed to deal with specific issues and objectives. Information, policy directives and work products are then presented to the Board of Directors for input and final approval.

ACC-OC Policy Committees Include:

ACC-OC Taskforce Include:

ACC-OC Working Groups Include:

  • Housing
  • Local Government Innovations

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