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Letters and Alerts

Letters And Alerts

ACC-OC is the leading advocate for Orange County at the regional, state, and federal level. Our Board adopts policies on housing, energy, water, transportation, public safety, and others that are crucial to the fundamental functioning of our cities. Our members are committed to reviewing, analyzing, and making recommendations to support Orange County cities at all levels of government. For detailed information on ACC-OC’s legislative and policy guidelines, click here.


ACC-OC supports legislation that promotes local control and provides support to cities as they seek to respond and serve their residents as it pertains to housing, homelessness, land use, pension liabilities and locally generated revenues that are vital to funding public safety, transportation, and environmental solutions.



ACC-OC opposes legislation that does not serve the local interests of Orange County cities and public agencies, including policies that that usurp local control, pass down unfunded mandates, or regulate a one-size-fits-all approach.


Action Items

ACC-OC sends Action Alerts to member cities and affiliates to provide immediate information and request urgent action on legislation that impacts Orange County. To join our distribution list and receive up-to-date information on pending legislation, email us today at

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