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The City Square Podcast

ACC-OC's "The City Square" is a dynamic interview podcast that brings together elected officials, residents, and stakeholders to discuss smart policy solutions to improve the quality of life across Orange County's 34 cities. Hosted by ACC-OC's Board President, Stephanie Klopfenstein, Councilmember for Garden Grove, and ACC-OC Executive Director, Kris Murray.

Listen to the most recent episode of "The City Square".

The City Square

S2: Episode 1 - 211 OC 
Next Episode Premieres:  1 - 31 - 2024

In a special episode of The City Square, we invite former host Hon. Jerry Amante to highlight some of the show's history and successes. Later, we are joined in the studio by special guests Sue Parks (President & CEO, Orange County's United Way) and Elizabeth Andrade (211-OC, Executive Director) for an enlightening conversation on the impactful work they are doing to help Orange County residents connect with essential health and human services. Tune in for an engaging exploration of the positive changes these organizations bring to our local communities. Click below to listen now!

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211 OC - Ep. 1
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211 OC - Ep. 1

211 OC - Ep. 1

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ACC-OC aims to be the foremost advocate for Orange County cities and elected officials on public policy matters. We strive to achieve this through advocacy, education, and collaboration. Our vision is to become the go-to resource for promoting excellence and providing leadership on the most critical issues affecting Orange County.

If you would like to support our groundbreaking podcast series to help shape the narrative on critical issues within Orange County, let us know! Your partnership with ACC-OC will significantly contribute to the success of this series and enhance our collective impact on the community we serve.


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